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This will serve as the introduction to this site.  At the beginning of each week, new articles will appear as well as the comments of our readers regarding prior articles or just their opinions of current events. It has been increasingly difficult for me as a citizen of the United states of America to understand, let alone justify, the actions of our government.  I suffered a great loss on 09/11/2001 but this is  not the Genesis of this site. That loss was personal and now I focus on the continual losses we, the American people, are losing each and every day of our Constitutional rights to GOVERNMENT!  This “let George do it” attitude makes it so very easy to gain power and take control over activities by government that were never intended by the founding fathers. The framers of our Constitution. For example, Gun Rights, we will be writing on this subject in quite detail in the coming weeks but please savor this quote from Thomas Jefferson…”The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it not be needed until they try to take it.”  You see it had nothing to do with hunting, sport shooting, and/or collectors, it had to do only with giving the citizens a way to defend themselves from their government.  Distrust in big government. This is why George Washington declined to be made the KING!  In al the recent spate of killings where a certifiable nutcase shot innocent persons someone knew there was a serious problem and did nothing.  Just one citizen having taken an action, these persons could have been institutionalized and the tragedy averted.  It was not the gun that killed, it was the irresponsible citizenry doing nothing. That , my friends, is just what politicians and government wants.  As long as Americans sit on their collective cans and do nothing Government will continue to grow and take more control over more things until there is nothing left…Government will have it all! Federal, State, and local governments will only have internal squabbles over the spoils and we will have completely lost our freedoms.  Watch us, read us, comment to us,  tell your friends…in the spirit of Thomas Paine in 1776 remember the words of Will Rogers, “Common sense ain’t so common sometimes”..    –Editor


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