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Boston, 2013, my heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones to another Terrorist attack. Yes terrorism. At least the prior administration had the intestinal fortitude to call them what they are….Radical Muslim Terror attacks. Our current government wants to pretend that all of this is just a “Helter Skelter” deal and not part of an overall scheme against the free world which is led by the United states.  How could that be after the’ Black Knight’ saved us all by ordering the killing or should we say the elimination of Osama Bin Laden.? The current administration could not wait to release classified information in order to take credit for the kill.  Not to say that the intelligence that was used to put us on the right track was gotten from Waterboarding. TSK TSK TSK. can’t do that anymore and only the white house is allowed to release classified information that can and did jeopardizes assets on the ground so for helping us that guy is still in Jail in Pakistan to remind others in the future not to help us.  More will be written in future articles about the administration trying to stifle the press and whistleblowers.  So here we are with the Whitehouse (Axelrod) saying perhaps the Boston event was over taxes (1776?),CNN perhaps “ right wing extremists”, Salon Magazine ”a white guy” and Tom Brokaw “our use of drones” and so many others trying to spin it for the Whitehouse carrying their water for them so the President could come out and conjecture “self made” extremists. No one on the left wanting to use the correct term for the actors in this play with no end in the foreseeable future…RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORISTS.  Just as in Ft. Hood, Texas attack when a Muslim, Major Nidal Hasan attacked innocent people in an innocent setting getting their vaccinations prior to deployment being shot and killed while he was shouting “Allahu Akbar” ( praise God)…guess what(?) this was not workplace violence. It was an extremist radical Muslim attack.  Both DZhokar and Tamerian Tsarnaev were radical Muslim Terrorists with a radical mother, associates and friends also.  They did not just wake up some morning and decide to go to the Marathon and blow up a bunch of people. Even the Russians warned us prior to the even.  If Tamerian was just going on a vacation he would have chosen Cancun rather than Chechnya where he and his family had fled due to fear of being killed. for asylum herein the USA.  However if our Government had taken all the necessary steps and appropriate actions to stop them then they would have had to admit that there was still a threat to America by international Radical Muslim Terrorists (Extremists)  So they did not.  Now it appears theses radicals may have been involved with other killings in 2011 and what was it that Dzhokar wrote inside the boast when he thought he was a goner(?) “F…the American Infidels”    Hmmm, Basic Radical Muslim Studies 101…guess we had better find a good reason for Benghazi….How about a video?  More to follow on this subject.  –Editor

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