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Benghazi 09/11/2012…a Radical Muslim Terrorist Attack!  There are so many unanswered questions regarding this horrific event.  Many of those questions arise prior to the nonsensical and demeaning use of the video tape explanation.  For instance, why was Ambassador Chris Stevens there at all?  Also why would we invite the Turkish representative to meet with us there instead of in Tripoli? There had been much unrest in Benghazi and several attacks by Muslim terrorists in events leading up to 9/11.  The Red Cross and pulled out.;  So had the British.  So even knowing we had inadequate security there…there are many reports of same going between our guys there and Washington asking for more security…all to no avail.  Yet we went forward with the meeting.  What else was going on there?  We know  we had a completely separate building for whom(?) the CIA of course just a block away.  What ere they doing there?  Now it is not a far stretch of the mind to say wither there is a lot more to this story which is not being told or the incompetence of our State Department under Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration is astonishingly abysmal or criminally inept. The American people need to demand these answers . The memories of our fallen on that day honored and their sacrifice not cheapened by such Sophomoric behavior on the part of our government. Now John Dickerson who is the Political Director of CBS news says ” after 100′s of released e-mails…there is no evidence of a white house cover-up”  You are right John, everyone knows that when they told the American people it was a spontaneous demonstration caused by an obscure anti Muslim video that practically no on knew about and left our all the pertinent information . about Al-Qaida linked terrorists and the planned attack on an anniversary of 9/11.  You are right  John, why we all remember the good old days (60′s) when the students were spontaneously in the streets of America protesting…they all brought bombs, shoulder launched RPG’s and machine guns with them.  Gee, there must have been a video or two around that excited them.  Perhaps, John, you should just stay at your job with Slate Magazine (Chief Political Correspondent)  you know that left wing rag with your pal Doonesbury and resign form CBS.  How could you possibly be objective and serve Bob Shieffer’s “Face the Nation” who at least tries to remain objective.  The whole mess is a huge one made up of several smaller ones.  Why did we have activities there? Why didn’t we have adequate security? Why didn’t we try to save any of them?  Why did we use the video excuse,  why send our UN Ambassador out to announce it as she had nothing to do with it instead of Hilary Clinton whose job it was.  Why are those who were there being squashed and attempts made to silence them.  Why are the truth tellers being demoted.  It goes on and on.  The essence of this site is to discuss those things that just do not smell right and are an affront to commonsense.  This one sells so bad it insults all those that have died in Muslim terror attacks though out our history and one so close to me.  As Yogi sad “It’s not over till it’s over”.–Editor

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