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The Associated Press mostly referred to as the “AP” has been around a long time and while of late has been losing money it is still the larger of the news gathering agencies. The others, UPI and Reuters are smaller. It provides stories to over 1700 newspapers and over 5000 TV and radio stations. It has over 10 million images in its library and operates over 240 news bureaus in 120 countries. So its bite can be as bad as its bark.  Therefore it is hard to understand why the Obama administration took them on. Its beginning was not too innocuous. In May 2012, the AP told the administration that it has a story it was going to run about a foiled airline bombing plot out of Yemen.. The administration ask them to wait and not run it until it cleared as it might endanger methods of operations and/or individuals that helped us. They all agreed on a hold until the administration came back with the all clear as the assets would be out of harms way. But according to the AP,  the administration came back to them with the all clear, it ask them to hold it a little longer so that the administration could announce it first and in that way get all the credit for the successful operation. This request was purely political  so the AP went ahead ran the story.  This story upset the British intelligence community as they apparently were deeply involved and it was their operative that pulled it off. Meanwhile the Obama administration was so used to the to the press carrying its water that they were incensed by the AP’s actions and sought court orders to get AP’s phone records…a very wide net.  You see if it became known that the government was getting phone records no on would talk to them and they would not get their stories. With the Justice Department checking on everyone that talked to the AP the chilling effect would be huge. No more whistleblowers, no more behind the scenes reporting of the activities of our government. The whole intention of the framers of our country to have the First Amendment. was to have a fourth rail to check on the power of the government. With James Rosen of Fox news, they went even further by naming him a co-conspirator in a criminal action so they could get  records from Verizon on him, Fox News and even Rosen’s parents!  Is it surprising that the Justice department went to 3 judges before they could get one to agree to this charade?  Now everyone knows and agrees that to leak classified material can be harmful to America’s interests and sometimes can put methods or persons in danger. Therefore our government must try to stop leaks but you go after the leakers not the newsmen only doing their job.  There are written protocols to do this that have served our country well and should be followed rather than the decision being made on the basis of whose ox is being gored.  Now we have a White House that leaks classified information when it suits their political purposes that not only has endangered methods but also put those who helped us in danger so that they are now in a foreign prison for helping us. all for the “attaboys” for Osama Bin Laden’s assassination and an Attorney General who tells congress he was not involved when it was he that signed off on the Rosen affidavit.   This one stinks so bad even the liberal press is squirming on this one. Keep tuned into this one as more shoes will surely drop.  -patriotwriter

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