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The Obama/Clinton State Department or How to cover-up a cover-up. CBS News says it has uncovered evidence from the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) that implicates the Department of State in misconducts worldwide!  Please note this is not Fox News…it is CBS.  They cited eight (8) examples of misdeeds which included an American official stationed in Beruit. The alledged activity was being engaged in sexual assault with foreign national employees of our embassy there.  Also the security details for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hired prostitutes while on foreign trips and these activities were “endemic”. There were also several allegations of criminal conduct which were never pursued. DSS agents were told at the time to “back off” investigations of higher ranking officials. Internal investigator Fedenesin said the “hostile intellegence services” allowed criminal behavor to continue. One of the cover-ups they were told to stop investigating an U.S. Ambassador who was allegedly patronising prostitutes in a public park. No action was taken and he continued at his post. In a draft of the Insector General’s (IG) report stated”hindering such cases…can result in counterintelligence vulnerabilities…”but then this report was scrubbed of all of these cover-ups prior to its being issued…another cover-up!  Within 2 hours of the whistleblowers release of this information  she was approached by two (2) agents of the DSS at her door as they wanted to speak to her but would only do so if she turned off her RECORDER! Sure sounds like an intimidation 101 to this writer.  Another case covered up was an international drug ring operating near the embassy suppliying State Department security contractors with drugs.One of the cases being covered-up was sent up the ladder  to the undersecretary Patrick Kennedy and it stopped and nothing was done.  All these references were also scrubbed from the report. Oh, get this, the Ambassador now that he has been outed responded that the “park” was near his residence so he had to go through the park to go almost anywhere. Wow, I sure am glad there is not a drughouse or house of prostitution in my neghborhood that I would be forced to go to going anywhere. Oh, and kudos to CBS for bringing this to our attention…oops got to take them back though as CBS reporter Elizabeth Palmer compared the Iranian candidates in their recent election to members of the Tea Party…TSK TSK  TSK –Patriot Writer.

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