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Anwar Sadat President of Egypt entered into a peace treaty with Israel and was then assassinated in 1981 by ISLAMIC militants for his efforts. Sadat’s vice-president Hosni Mubarak took over as President and continued to mediate Israeli/Arab issues in the peace process and remained close to the USA. However in the 1990′s ISLAMIC militants launched unrest trying to set up an ISLAMIC State. then in 1995 tried to assassinate Mubarak. This made Mubarak put through an amendment to their constitution prohibiting religious political parties which effectively blocked the Brotherhood from the political process. Then came the Arab Spring where demonstrators demanded that Mubarak step down. The USA (Obama administration) decided to step back and not support Mubarak and in February of 2011 he resigns. In May Muhammad Morsi supported by the Muslim Brotherhood narrowly won the election as the opposition fielded too many candidates while the Brotherhood was united. Obama made several statements that appeared to clear the way for them. Immediately after the election Obama gave them over 1 billion dollars of aid. The State department said we would work with them. Remember these were ISLAMIC militants…wasn’t it ISLAMIC militants who assassinated Sadat and tried to assassinate Mubarak?  Surprise, surprise, what did he do after getting power? He tried to force a law that whatever position he took on an issue it would be law and could not be appealed in the courts. Then he tried to put in Sharia law.  Both of these actions were the antithesis of a democracy which is what the people of Egypt wanted. The people were angry and felt betrayed . On top of that they blamed the USA for it.  In a country of about 80 million people several million hit the streets in protests all over the country. More people than voted for him.  They demanded his ouster and got it.  Now Muhammad Masour is the interim President until they can organize a new election process and establish a new government. Meanwhile our most important ally in that region of the world does not like us nor do they trust us.  The Obama administration may end up on the outside looking in.—Freedomwriter

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