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On a dark rainy night Feb. 26, 2012 a confluence of circumstances brought two disparate individuals together in a life and death struggle so that one individual is dead, the other permanently scarred. George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin dead. The result was like two plays happening simultaneously. One, an innocent man vs. the not so innocent young man. the second, all the special interest groups coalescing behind a created myth for their own purposes while purportedly after justice for “Trayvon”. Totally inappropriate for a president to interject himself and his office into this case. Then the justice department sending in their people to assist in the preparations of, and the execution of protest marches for  “justice of Trayvon”. Reality no longer was in the forefront and the power of the government was not looking for “justice” but for an “issue”. George Zimmerman was not the Rambo with a gun type.. His history was a picture of multi-racial background. There were black children raised in his home as a child. he took a black girl to his high school prom. on his own time he mentored to black children in the area. He helped black people who lived in his sub-division. He was Hispanic. That fateful night he was acting as a “neighborhood watch” person. In this position he carried a handgun. This was perfectly acceptable and legal. He had a license to do so. He did this activity out of concern for his own family and for the families of his neighbors. There had been many robberies and break-ins there. One woman hovered with her small child upstairs while two thieves broke in and went through her house stealing her possessions while all she had to defend herself and child was a pair of scissors. She later moved out no longer wanting to fear such danger. This brought George Zimmerman to this place. he then saw a figure walking through the neighborhood. It was dark and raining, but he felt someone wearing a hoody, looking around walking slowly instead of hurrying to get out of the rain, was suspicious. did he go get him? After all, he had a gun! No, he did not. He called 911. He did not say he say a young black punk. He did say the area had a history of punks getting away by the time the police responded. So while he waited for the police he tried to keep track of the person and was moving to the place where he was to meet up with the police. Now at the same time Travon  Martin was talking to his female friend on his cellphone. She has stated that Trayvon Martin referred to Zimmerman as that “crazy ass cracker” following him. So the first racist comments were from Trayvon Martin. In an interview on CNN she stated she told Trayvon Martin that perhaps the man was gay and would catch him and “rape” him. That he should run home. Trayvon had four minutes to do so. He could have easily reached his  home in that amount of time. Instead he decided to confront Zimmerman. What was his mindset at that time? Was he confronting a “gay” man or just a “crazy ass cracker”? After a modicum of words he sucker punched Zimmerman in the face breaking his nose and knocking him down. Was his aggression to show whitey or beating up a gay? If the latter then he was gay bashing and thereby violating Zimmerman’s civil rights and a hate crime. Come on Justice Department what about that? He continued pummeling Zimmerman and telling Zimmerman “you are going to die here tonight”. Having your head beaten down on concrete and forceful enough to cut the skin even though a flat surface. Continually beating him about the head producing swollen bumps on Zimmerman’s head. Finally Zimmerman, fearing more injury and loss of life, pulled his licensed pistol and fired into Trayvon Martin who was on top of him. He did not aim for a particular spot; just defending himself. Classic self-defense. The bullet hit the heart and Trayvon Martin died very shortly after. Zimmerman openly discussed these events with authorities without benefit of legal council. Zimmerman’s whole life changed that night. His life became an open book for all to see. On the other hand, Trayvon Martin’s life was not. Great care was taken by authorities and family to hide his personal history from the public and the jury so they could promote a story of this poor sweet black child being profiled, pursued, and killed by this gun toting white guy. What is the truth about Trayvon’s past? Trayvon’s cell phone revealed involvement with guns, marijuana, self portraits with obscene gestures. There was text saying his mother had thrown him out (he had to stay elsewhere) after police caught him being truant. A friend had texted he was turning into a hoodlum and Trayvon’s reply was “Naw, Ima Gangsta.” The possession, and buying and selling guns and marijuana was discussed. he was expelled from school at least three times. Graffiti, possession of drug paraphernalia, and women’s jewelry. Because of an unofficial school and police policy Trayvon was not arrested as a juvenile but rather handled as a disciplinary action. This was not a sweet little child but a full fledged problem looking for a place to happen. A more serious charge and he would have surely been tried as an adult. After his mother threw him out he was staying with his father’s girlfriend. Now, what about the authorities. Police believed Zimmerman’s account and the evidence backed up his story. They found no evidence of racial bias. The FBI investigated and also reported no evidence of racial bias. Therefore, the police did not arrest Zimmerman and the prosecutor refused to prosecute. The story should have stopped there. But it did not. The mother and her lawyers started a public windstorm that the news networks picked up and ran with it. One network even edited out Zimmerman’s comments deliberately making it look racial. Of course those stalwart civil rights leaders Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton come to the fore to drum up the protests and of course to keep their bona fide and the money flowing. A firestorm of misconception, facts not in evidence, and an out cry against Florida’s “Stand your ground” law. OH, OH, WRONG! This law was not part of this trial! The special prosecutor (political person) misled the court to get the arrest warrant  and trial, then withheld evidence. Allan Dershowitz, noted law professor at Harvard, believes she should be at least reprimanded and/or tried criminally. If it were not for six brave women (the jury) a huge travesty of justice would have been visited on George Zimmerman. They did not let the emotion of a mother’s loss of a son dissuade their verdict. They followed the facts and law. This had to be difficult on these women, some of which where mothers. We personally know this having lost sons, one to disease and the other to terrorism. Of course with his infinite wisdom Jessie Jackson said Trayvon did not get a jury of his peers. Just brilliant, Try again Jessie, the jury of peers is for the defendant i.e. Zimmerman. Unless a Freudian slip was evidenced and he really thought Trayvon Martin should have been the defendant. Yes a tragedy, nearly a travesty. Now we wait on our government making noises of still trying for the travesty. Meanwhile, people who enjoy looting and burning are having their day in the streets thanks to the government politicians and major news outlets. ==Patriotwriter

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