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This plan should be called an Obamanation. There are at least 10 reasons that it is just bad for America. The administration has spent millions of dollars trying to convince Americans otherwise.  Research has shown that over 75 million Americans will lose their current insurance coverage. That is not what Obama said. Many will lose their current physicians.  That is not what Obama said.   Those that get to keep their plans will find them changed due to changes required by the new law which will make them more expensive or force employers to change them to keep them affordable. With the government being the top officials and also the main players controlling all of it there is no doubt they will set out to dismantle the private system.  Harry Reid the President of the Senate (Democrat) says they want a “single payer” system  a la Socialistic system. Only the government gets to play. The government will get involved in your treatment plan. It will decide on what medicines you should take and if a procedure is deemed too expensive for it’s perceived benefit it will be turned down.  This is regardless of what you, your family, or your doctor thinks. Efforts to pass additional legislation to keep the government out of treatment decision making have routinely been defeated. Obama himself has said perhaps an elderly woman who was scheduled for a pacemaker should instead just be given a pain pill. Individual mandates means that if you are young and healthy you must still buy insurance or pay a penalty now thanks to Judge Roberts a “tax” instead. There are many new taxes in the plan…medical equipment for one. Higher taxes means higher costs…higher costs means fewer employers that can maintain the number of employees hired. Fewer jobs and more part time.  Some of the mandated coverage violate personal and institutional beliefs and violate the freedom of religion clause in the Constitution. Abortion, birth control and morning after pill.  The plan will increase the national debt considerably and to make matters worse Obama has now exempted his friends and deferred big business from participation. I thought “shall” was not” may”. Nancy Palosi said “pass it. we will find out what is in it later” Truer words were never spoken.   The problem is the more the Americans find out, the more onerous it is.  It must be repealed.

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