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Well, the great rollout promised for Oct. 1 2013 has crashed and burned.   After 100′s of millions of Taxpayer’s money was spent on it’s promotion and 100′s of millions on website design. if was the train wreck that Republicans said it would be and some Democrats as well.  While Republicans were eviscerated by the Democrats and the President for offering to fully fund the Government but delay Obamacare for one year for individuals like the president did for Big business, and waivers for his friends and congress but oh no they were being “terrorists”. Now after the rollouts crash and burn the Democrats are now saying that  it should be delayed.  Have they now become traitors and terrorists also? Meanwhile the Whitehouse is saying it is successful since so may people have visited the site….WAIT A MINUTE… How many successfully signed of for insurance.   Precious few. The site does not work.  Also an important fact no one is talking about is the fact that the vast majority of those singed up signed up for Medicaid which is far easier on the site and free to those who sign up and taxpayers pay for their services.  Therefore no premium being paid to help support all the additional coverage mandated by the act, let alone preexisting conditions. The President said if you like your plan you can keep it…NOT TRUE…the plans are being cancelled since they do not have all the add-ons mandated by Obamacare. Millions of Americans will lose their insurance plans.  Then next year when big business comes under the act millions more will lose theirs. Many employers have already notified their employees.  Others have reduced employee’s hours to get them from full time to part time relieving the employer of requirements under Obamacare. Many doctors are being removed from other plans and insured’s are being so notified and others are leaving the plans to go to Cadillac plan holders and cash payers rather than accept the lower reimbursements. So when the President said you  could keep your doctor…NOT TRUE…  The President said premiums would go down…NOT TRUE…average premiums have gone up across the country and deductibles and co-pays have risen so more out of pocket cost for Americans. This disaster may be designed to totally destroy private insurance and force the taxpayers to go to a Socialist single payer system..i.e.. BIG GOVERNMENT!  another excess of trillions of dollars added to our countries debt.  Is this administration just  liars or just incompetent. As usual the President is angry and will find those responsible for their punishment. Do not hold your breath on that one. Meanwhile our economy will be hurt by this.

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