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MISSED OPORTUNITY (future portend?)

The Virginia Governors race had been a forgone conclusion…Terry McAuliffe, who had been the head of the DNC, a close political ally of the Clintons, and a huge fund raiser for the Dems, had a double digit lead in that race.  Virginia is a swing state and important for the Presidential race. It is sometimes called a “Purple state”.  Also northern Virginia is heavily populated by federal government employees, therefore, effected by the recent shutdown.   Should have been a shoo in. However, as they say, ” A funny thing happened on the way to the office”. The truth finally came out about Obamacare and the lies told to the American people.  All of a sudden things changed. It became a horse race. Cuccirilli surged forward in the polls as he had been the first States Attorney to file suit to try and stop Obamacare.  However due to his being popular with the Tea Party The National Republicans only gave him 3 million dollars towards his campaign instead of the 9 million the prior Republican  Governor got for his campaign.  Also the Democrats supported Sarvis in the election for his run as a Libertarian ( a real Democrat). Sarvis got nearly 7 percent of the vote. In the end the Star power of the President and both Clintons campaigning for McAuliffe, along with being heavily outspent and Sarvis siphoning off 7 percent of the Tea party vote, Cuccirilli lost by only 3 percent.  Had he had the full support of the Republicans chances are he would have won.  Why is this Governor’s race important?  It is a swing state that Hilliary Clinton wants to win should she run in 2016.  Having the Governor and his machine supporting you really helps!  Wake up Republicans…THE OBJECT IS TO WIN!  It also points out the furor over OBAMACARE.

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