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My dog has been around for many years and I have grown quite attached to her. She gives to me without preconditions and I love her for the opportunities she gives to me for joy and compassion.  I am so used to her being there I did not notice the gradual deterioration of her condition.  I did notice however, that when she messed  up she generally hid it from me. Eventually, when I took the time and effort to pay attention I uncovered a shocking fact…she had worms.  Not the little itsy-bitsy ones either, but gobs of them and many inches long.  She was actually quite ill.  Thanks to others that also were concerned with her status (including her doctor) emergency treatment was performed again and again until her health returned and she was saved. Thank goodness we took action.  Sort of reminds me of my beloved country. We know that our Government is sick and laden down with worms also. Just some recent examples are school systems trying to put in Psychological testing of your children twice in grade  school and twice in high school and those results along with other (yet to be identified) family information to be in those files. We have also learned that there will be data mining through Common Core. Common Core Standards have been promulgated through the Federal Government’s Education department requiring minimum standards to be met in core subjects.  Sounds good,…doesn’t it? They coerced the National Governors Association and the Council of State Chief State School Officers to back it by giving $4 Billion in grants.. THAT’s WITH A “B” But as usual the devil is in the details. Deep inside the words are “tracking students by obtaining personally Identifiable information. This information can include whatever they want like religion, politics, activities, race, preferences…anything you know about Aunt Edna or Uncle Fred.  They are using our children to spy again on the American people.  We have also learned this past week that our beloved IRS is now writing new regulations that will effectively make allowable what was recently a scandal and stop conservatives from forming 501-c corps denying them the right of freedom of speech given to them by the Constitution and confirmed by the supreme court. Last but not least the President has recently told the American people he does not need the congress to pass what he wants he can just do it by fiat or as they call it executive orders.  King George is alive and well incarnated in Barrack Obama. Our country has WORMS and the American people must get involved and take action to give it the medicine it needs to get well.

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