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     I can remember when the Minimum was $1 and in 1959 it went to $1.10!  WOW! I got an additional $4 a week more and of course being a loyal American I went right out and spent it to help increase the economy. and I did not lose my job nor did the place where I was working lay off anyone.  There are plenty of studies that fall on either the pro or con of this issue and I suspect that no one really knows what will happen.  By in large we support the notion that the market place should decide what a particular job is worth but we will not launch a crusade on this subject.   On the whole we believe it is over hyped and will have no real gain or loss for most. It is noted that the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, believes the same thing and he is pushing an increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit instead. On that subject we strongly disagree.  From first hand knowledge it is shown that a large proportion of the poor who do not work at all and those that make very little feed at the trough of free housing, food stamps, food distribution, free cell phones, and at tax time, claim children that are not theirs and do not live with them and  also income they do not have to increase their EIC so that they get back thousands of dollars they did not pay in. We believe this program only supports fraud.  Also the illegal immigrants have learned how this works also.  Yes, they participate in our tax system.  Perhaps a change in administration in the white house and the Senate would get us on the right track to push jobs and not government goodies to stimulate the economy and raise all boats.   Patriot writer

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