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BYE BYE INTERNET/FREEDOM (The death of free speech)

Our President Barack Obama is about to stick another dagger into the American way.  Yes it is his intention to give up America’s control of the Internet! The President has openly stated he is wanting to give up control of the Internet to an International body, probably under the auspices of the united nations, who will exercise control of the world wide net. As of now Americans can get a Domain name for about $10, a web host for about $25 a month and a good designer for about $500.  Of course there are those that are free but you are beholden to them for something or other. Once you are on line you can publish almost everything you could ever dream of without an government control over you. Or let’s say you only want to see content and not create any.  You may get internet service in many ways for your TV, Desktop, phone or tablet. There are no rules blocking you access.  Once there you get to choose the content to see.  Whatever you may have an interest in.  YOUR CHOICE!  In other words the Internet under America promotes freedom of speech, thought and actions.  No taxes, low cost and little restrictions. Now under a committee that has members that do not like us…like our experience with other international bodies…perhaps the cost for an American Domain goes to $1,000,000 and a host to $100,000 a month and no content allowed that criticizes any government or the activities or supports the people in any uprising or you are subject to the judgment of death. Also any transaction over the net subject to an international tax of 100%.  Now this of course would only apply to America and any country who allies with it.  COME ON FOLKS,  Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Oldsters, Youngsters, Middle-aged, Men Women, Children all should rise up in protest over this.  The most liberal legal rights group and the most conservative legal rights group needs to go to court together to get a restraining order against this…STOP IT NOW!….Patriot Writer

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