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    Those that know their history know that these words were spoken by Theodore Roosevelt the 26th President if the United States. It was his belief that for America to exert influence over world events as they were enfolding and yes, prior to their happening, America would speak softly, sometimes privately but let the world see the overwhelming power of our military and unbridled faith in our country. i.e; strength of character and resolve. In this way the USA became the number one power in the world after the 2nd world war and remained so up till the end of the George W Bush Presidency. In 6 short years under President Barack Obama we have become feckless, a toothless tiger and he the emperor without clothes. To wit, he backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who tried to but in Sharia Law and a dictatorship so the people revolted and took over and now look to Russia to be their partner not us. He “liberated” Libya then allowed such a weak government to go ahead without our help so they lost control to Al Qaeda groups to run freely in the country and kill our Ambassador and 3 other faithful serving Americans and then said they would pay, but to date none have, and then blame it on a video! Then we talked Iran into accepting our offer to weaken the international sanctions on them (which was really hurting them) and to give us nothing in return.  Wow that was Brilliant! So much so as they merrily go along developing their Atom bomb in conjunction with North Korea’s  development of intercontinental missiles,  So Saudi Arabia called our President to stop in the Palace for a talk.  They were none to happy.  But they felt they could summon our President!  And he would respond! Then of course there was Syria who’s leader “Had to go” and had better not step over that Red Line!  Hmm, he did and nothing happened and he is still there.  I guess we showed him and the rest of the world on that one.  What Afghanistan? Are we not just finishing up 10 years of war there and thousands of casualties. What do you mean they are saying screw you to our President and looking to the Russians for support! Well that’s ok as we have Pakistan bought and paid for…don’t we? oops they told the Saudi’s they would provide “THE BOMB” to them.  North Korea just shot off a bunch of missiles tests and China is upping their naval presence in an effort to take back some territory from Japan…suppose those Korean Missiles could reach Japan?  Now Russia has Annexed the Crimea from Ukraine so our President sniped at them and took away a few Russians rights to visit America…WOW that’s telling them!  So now they are poised with their troops to invade Ukraine and we stand idly by doing nothing. Our President got the first part right he is speaking ever so softly but there is no big stick.  In fact our stick is getting smaller each day.   Patriot Writer

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