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In a prior post we spoke of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu trying to fool the low information voter with a fake Washington newspaper headline saying she was fixing OBAMACARE.  Now she has an advertisement that shows her speaking at an Energy Committee meeting saying great things for Louisiana.  The only problem with this ad is it never really took place and the participants seated behind he are all actors!  Also the Senate Majority pac (all Democrats) are running ads against Republican Bill Cassidy, Republican, who they must fear the most saying he helped those nasty insurance companies to make profits from flood premiums….oops sorry… those premiums go to the National Flood Program a Government program from which they pay the claims…not the insurance industry!  The Dems also run attack ads by some Pac with the name “Patriot” in it.  Seems almost a sacrilege to do that.  Somehow the Dems find the  monies that come from the Koch brothers is more tainted than that from George Soros. Shame on them for supporting Libertarians and Conservatives…and giving to groups fostering entrepreneurship, education, human services, at-risk youths, arts and culture and medical research. Now the Dems are running an ad featuring the head of Bollinger Industries who claims to be a republican supporting Mary Landrieu.  The problem is his family feasts at the trough of Mary’s committee in Washington with his contracts in the marine (oil and gas) industry and the Defense Department in ship building.  Looks to us that perhaps he is just protecting their financial advantage as opposed to a deeply held value structure.  Shame on you….Patriot Writer

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