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The captioned is a TV program on PBS.  You know the one supported by taxpayers’ dollars.  The Moderator is Bonnie Erbe  Supposedly she is there to lead the discussions with the panel members. The panel is made up of two persons identified by captions as being conservative and the other two as to their past careers and neither liberal or conservative.  Guess what?  The two labeled as conservative sound more moderate and the other two definitely liberal left.  Now how about the Moderator…shouldn’t this person be neutral?  Not here!  Ms. Erbe is a Liberal. On every subject the Liberal positions were espoused. For example,  Ms. Erbe announced the new topic in the Supreme courts position in the Hobby Lobby case as giving employers who were “Evangelical Christians the right to deny birth control to women. What a way to open the dialogue.  The panel…all women…never challenged her.  Her statement was totally wrong in two main areas. First it gave all  closely held corporations the same rights as non-profits etc so that the government could not force them to do something against their religion.  ALL FAITHS…not just Evangelical Christians. Secondly, it only effected four of the prescriptions out of over twenty of such pills as they promoted abortions not just contraception. Also it did not prohibit women from purchasing them on their own and or getting from another organization. Then they proceeded to attack the owners of Hobby Lobby for wanting to build a Museum in Washington D C relating to Biblical History. This proposal is of course private money and not taxpayers ( as is this program) and as an American they should have the right to do this.  They praised Harry Reid for trying to get a bill through reversing the Supreme Courts decision. As you should know, it failed but they said Harry wanted it to fail and he will try again.  Bull… Then they started on an attack on all Christians saying this country was not founded on Judeo-Christian principles and that to be a Christian you had to be Evangelical.  Further this was definitely cause for alarm!.  We are paying for this people!  WAKE UP!  Why is being anti-Christian so fashionable among Liberals?

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