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Well you have done it again.  You have taken sides in an open legal case which was under the jurisdiction of local authorities and not the federal government. First of all when you are the Chief Legal Officer of the U.S.A. and a purported legal scholar, You should know that you should keep your mouth shut and not interfere with another jurisdictions case. Let alone take sides  even before the facts are in.  But this time really takes the cake. You not only took sides in the Ferguson, Mo. case you made it quite clear that you wanted protests. You announced on television that the demonstrators should “stay the course”. Then you had a high profile meeting with the Rev. Sharpton. Then you sent in your biased Attorney General. Also sent  government officials to attend the funeral of the slain perpetrator. When the Governor called up the National guard to control any demonstrations, there was a Washington leak as to the results of the Grand Jury’s decision which preempted the schedule of the announcement which caused it to come out at night rather than the next morning.  Everyone knows that is not a good time if expecting trouble. Then a Whitehouse official spent the day talking to the Governor about the case. We do not know what was discussed but the result was that the Governor did not put the guard on the streets of Ferguson that night. The National Guard was not ready then. This meant there was no way to stop the rioters and the result was the businesses and autos of the good people of Ferguson, Mo. lost much and for no good reason. Again the Black citizens were hurt by the leftists of our country. We know this is political but to what advantage?  The liberals believe that to keep the minorities stirred up and ever in a dependent stage keeps them voting Democratic. In these riots the Black businesses are hurt but that is ok since the left does not want them to be successful. The more successful, the more likely to vote Republican. So this just keeps repeating itself over and over again like pawns on a chessboard.  Do not get them jobs, Do not educate them and most certainly do not let them pursue happiness under the constitution.

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